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Democratic elite pushes Biden toward the exit door

Despite the slight improvement shown by the president in his post-debate appearances, blue party voters and politicians still believe it is best for him to drop out of the race.

El expresidente y candidato republicano a la presidencia, Donald Trump, y su candidato a vicepresidente, JD Vance.


Understanding the importance of J.D. Vance

Jews have been taught to fear populist movements. But the rise of populist conservatives is a threat to the political establishment, not the Jewish people.


Lula da Silva's anti-Israeli agenda deepens

The Brazilian president recently signed a trade agreement with the Palestinian Authority, extending his long record of hostile statements and attitudes toward Israel and Jews.


Report: The poverty rate in Cuba stands at 89%

The Cuban dictatorship has increased misery for citizens year after year. Disapproval of the communist regime has reached a record high, and seven out of 10 Cubans have stopped eating breakfast, lunch or dinner due to lack of money or food shortages.


The North is the new South

Encounters at the Canadian border have skyrocketed 600% since Biden's arrival in the White House, and an overwhelming majority of arrests of terror suspects occur there.

HISPANIC awakening