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New Mexico sues Meta and Mark Zuckerberg for allowing child pornography on their platforms

An investigation by the state Attorney General's Office concluded that Facebook and Instagram are "privileged places" for sexual predators of minors.


Mexico: more than 70% of the weapons used by criminals come from the United States

The North American ambassador, Ken Salazar, called for greater cooperation between both countries to "interrupt cross-border trafficking."


Néstor Isidro 'El Nini' Pérez Salas, alleged security chief of Los Chapitos, is transferred to a maximum security prison in Mexico

The United States is seeking his extradition for murder, witness intimidation and conspiracy to traffic illicit substances, among other crimes.


Miss Universe Mexico cuts ties with Lupita Jones after she made comments saying trans people should not be allowed to participate in pageant

"I have nothing against transgender people, but I believe that women's spaces should be maintained for women," said the director of Mexicana Universal.

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The socialist president of Mexico praises Biden and his “humane” immigration policies

The Democrat returned the compliments by stating that AMLO is the best "partner” his administration could have.