John Legend suggests that Trump's support from Black voters is because of his 'appealing masculinity' and 'disinformation' about the economy'

The leftist singer believes that the Black community could have the wrong perception about Joe Biden's economic management.

Leftist singer John Legend attributed the surge in support Donald Trump is receiving from Black and Latino voters to supposed "misinformation" and preconceived notions about "masculinity."

In an interview for the "Pod Save America" podcast, Legend stated that Trump “performs a form of masculinity that is appealing to some men,” which could be helping him gain the support of younger Black voters.

According to the singer, the former president benefits from both this perception and the alleged misinformation that exists about the economy to increase his support among certain demographic sectors. Legend maintains that many voters have the wrong idea about Joe Biden's economic management.

"I hear a lot of misinformation and disinformation about the economy under Trump and what's happened since. To be clear, the economy is doing quite well," Legend said, citing low unemployment.

"If you are informed about that, and you objectively are observing what's going on with the economy, you would say actually, Biden is really great for the economy," he added.

The flight of votes from the Black community, a problem for Biden

The alignment of the Black electorate with Trump's policies is generating concern among Biden's supporters and his electoral campaign. Faced with a significant loss of support in this community, the Biden campaign launched an initiative called 'Black Voters for Biden-Harris' to stop this trend and regain the vote of a historically loyal demographic to the Democratic Party.

The campaign recognizes that Black voters were critical in the 2020 election, with Biden winning the support of approximately 90% of this electorate, compared to 9% who supported Trump. Likewise, the campaign stressed that this support will be crucial again in the next presidential election.

What do the polls say?

A survey by The Wall Street Journal in seven undecided states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Wisconsin) showed that only approximately 67% of black voters consider supporting Biden in the November elections if he becomes the Democratic candidate.

Meanwhile, support for Trump has increased to 20.5% among the Black electorate, and the former president continues to work to increase this percentage. Last week, Trump surprised by holding a historic rally in the Democratic stronghold of the Bronx, where he stressed that, regardless of color, "we are all Americans and we are going to unite as Americans."