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Biden presents an initiative to stop the flight of black voters

Polls indicate that the president will lose considerable support from a community that traditionally supports the Democratic Party.

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Joe Biden (Cordon Press)

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Polls are reflecting that a change is occurring among the black electorate, which is drifting toward the ideas and policies of Donald Trump over those of Joe Biden. Given this decline, the president's electoral campaign has prepared an initiative called Black Voters for Biden-Harris to stop the decline and attract the vote of the black community, which, historically, has been loyal to the Democratic Party.

"Today’s launch of the Black Voters for Biden-Harris coalition is yet another example of our campaign working diligently to earn every single vote," said Quentin Fulks, senior deputy director of the Biden-Harris campaign, in statements reported by Fox. News. "This coalition and the newly announced summer outreach and engagement programming serve as the next phase of our campaign’s ongoing historic investments in outreach to the backbone of the Biden-Harris coalition – Black voters."

Aside from these statements, Fulks belittled the work that Trump is doing to capture the black vote:

While we are busy putting in the work to earn Black America’s support — Donald Trump continues to show just how ignorant he is. Hosting janky rap concerts to hide the fact that he lacks the resources and competence to genuinely engage our community.

Biden in Philadelphia

The launch of Black Voters for Biden-Harris will take place this Wednesday in Philadelphia. The president will give a speech at a campaign event in which he will present his initiative in a city that has a large black community, according to Census Bureau records.

"Today, Team Biden-Harris is launching Black Voters for Biden-Harris, a national organizing program to bolster our continued historic investments in outreach to the backbone of the Biden-Harris coalition – Black voters," the campaign of the Democratic candidate reported in a statement obtained by CBS News.

The Biden-Harris campaign assured that harvesting the black vote is "fundamental" to continue in the White House for another term, adding alleged achievements that the president has achieved in his four years in office for the community:

These voters were instrumental in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020, paving the way for the Biden-Harris Administration to deliver a record low Black unemployment rate, Black wealth increased by 60%, more Black Americans with health care coverage than ever before, and billions forgiven in student loan debt that disproportionately impacts Black borrowers. Now, these same voters will be critical to defeating [former President Donald] Trump's racist and toxic agenda at the ballot box – again.