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Trump makes history in a Democratic stronghold: he gathered about 25,000 people in the Bronx and promises to "save" New York City

This is the first time in more than 40 years that a Republican candidate has campaigned in that county.

Donald Trump habla durante un mitin de campaña en el sur del Bronx

(Jim Watson / AFP)

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In a bold move, former President Donald Trump entered the Bronx, considered one of the country’s Democratic strongholds, to address a crowd of supporters and promise to transform New York, returning it to its former glory. This historic visit marks the first time in more than four decades that a Republican presidential candidate has campaigned in this county.

This Thursday, Trump surprised by organizing a rally in Crotona Park. He managed to gather around 25,000 people, a figure that far exceeded initial expectations of 3,500 attendees. From there, the former president offered an important speech about the urgent need to restore security and revitalize the city.

“I’m here tonight to declare we are going to turn New York City around, and we are going to turn it around very, very quickly. We are going to make New York bigger, better and greater than ever before,” he proclaimed.

In his speech, Trump did not hesitate to criticize the current situation of the Big Apple, describing it as a city in decline, affected by violence and insecurity. The former president took direct aim at President Joe Biden, accusing him of incompetence and ignoring the needs of New Yorkers.

Joe Biden is not getting the job done for the Bronx. Not getting the job done for New York. Our subways are squalid and unsafe, the ceiling tiles are falling down, and they look worse than a Third World country,” he emphasized. In addition, he highlighted that the roads are crumbling and the sidewalks of the streets are full of garbage.

“But worst of all are the discarded needles from people that so desperately are in need of help (...) we have mobs of migrants fighting our police officers and giving America the middle finger, but we are not going to let this continue,” he added.

Trump claimed he could win in New York and pledged to work with local Democratic leaders, including Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams, to address issues in the city and state.

During his speech, he wistfully recalled his time as a real estate mogul, detailing iconic projects he was involved in in New York, such as the Central Park Ice Rink, the Trump Golf Course, and the iconic Trump Tower.

Previous election results and future prospects

In the 2016 presidential election, Trump received less than 10% of the vote in the Bronx, which increased slightly to 16% in his 2020 reelection bid. In contrast, Joe Biden won 83.5% of the vote in the Bronx in 2020. But despite these unfavorable electoral results, Trump remains confident in his ability to win in New York and stated that he is not afraid to take his message to every corner of the country, convinced that his vision is the correct one.