Trump sweeps Michigan Republican convention, wins state's remaining delegates

The former president strengthened his position in the state by securing the support of 51 of the 55 party representatives.

In an overwhelming show of support, Donald Trump swept the Michigan Republican Party convention, securing the endorsement of all 39 delegates that were up for grabs during this race.

The convention, held this Saturday at the Amway Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, brought together state party delegates in 13 separate meeting rooms representing the state's 13 electoral districts.

A convention mired in complications

This year, the procedure for awarding delegates to the national committee of the Michigan Republican Party was particularly complex, as the state legislature, controlled by Democrats, decided to advance the presidential primaries, forcing Republicans to divide their primaries into two parts.

The first phase of the primaries took place on February 27, in which former President Trump defeated Nikki Haley and obtained 12 delegates while his opponent only obtained four.

In the second phase, held this Saturday, Trump secured the remaining 39 delegates, thus consolidating his position with 51 of the state's 55 presidential delegates. This achievement significantly strengthens his lead ahead of Super Tuesday, scheduled for March 5, in which 800 delegates in 16 key states will be decided. The goal is to reach 1,215 delegates to mathematically secure the nomination.

So far, Trump has secured more than a hundred delegates, putting him in a strong position in the race for the presidential nomination.

This Saturday, Idaho and Missouri also hold Republican Party presidential caucuses. According to an Associated Press projection, the former president defeated Haley again in Missouri. However, the state officially takes a month to award its 54 delegates.