Trump solidifies his advantage over Haley by winning the Idaho and Missouri Republican primaries by a landslide

The former president also won the remaining delegates in Michigan during the second phase of the party's elections. Now, he sets his sights on “Super Tuesday.”

Donald Trump further solidified his lead after comfortably defeating Nikki Haley in the Idaho and Missouri caucuses.

The former president, who remains undefeated in this presidential primary campaign, won by a landslide in the Idaho caucuses with more than 80% of the votes and, in addition, took all the votes in the Missouri electoral assembly, taking the bulk of the delegates in dispute.

As if that were not enough, Trump also won the remaining delegates in Michigan this Saturday, obtaining an electoral trifecta while revving his engines ahead of “Super Tuesday,” when 15 primary elections will be held on the same day.

In the case of Idaho, 32 delegates were distributed that will go to any candidate who wins with more than 50% of the votes throughout the state, in this case, former President Trump.

Meanwhile, in the Missouri caucuses, Trump won all 54 contested Republican delegates, which are allocated on a winner-take-most basis at both the state and congressional district levels.

Likewise, former President Trump also celebrated in Michigan, where the second part of the Republican Party primaries took place during the GOP convention.

Trump, with a clear victory, secured the support of the 39 delegates that were at stake during that race.

The first phase of these primaries, held on February 27, also had former President Trump as the winner, who comfortably beat Nikki Haley, winning 12 of the 16 delegates in dispute that day.

After these three election results, Trump currently has 247 delegates, surpassing Haley by more than 200 party representatives, who accumulates just 24 according to an NBC News count.

In the “Super Tuesday” primaries, which will take place on March 5, about 800 delegates will be up for grabs.

To be the officially nominated candidate, 1,215 delegates are needed.