Trump promises revenge after his appearance: "In 2024 it will be our turn"

The former president described his new court visit as "a sad day" for the country and believes that the judicial persecution could bring him back to the White House.

For the third time this year, former President Donald Trump was arraigned before a judge, this time on charges of conspiring to alter the 2020 election outcome.

After his appearance, the 45th president stated that "this is a very sad day for America." Trump denounced that "this is a persecution of a political opponent" and pointed out that this is something that was "never supposed to happen in America.”

However, Donald Trump redoubled his bid to return to the White House shortly after pleading not guilty to the charges he was indicted on. The former president said in an ironic tone that he is only one indictment away from securing his election.

In this sense, Trump put on notice those who have directed all the judicial machinery against his person. He again accused President Biden of being "corrupt" and of trying to undermine his candidacy by inventing crimes. In any case, he issued a warning with a completion date:

In any case, Donald Trump tried to draw a positive balance from his new court appearance. The former president considers that this judicial persecution indicates that he has a good chance of reaching the White House.