Trump gagged again: Appeals court reinstates gag order for New York case

The former president will be prohibited from speaking publicly about members of Judge Arthur Engoron's team.

Former President Donald Trump's freedom to speak about the fraud case he faces in New York was short-lived. Two weeks ago, an appeals judge removed the gag order imposed by Judge Arthur Engoron. However, on Thursday, four judges decided to impose it again.

Specifically, Trump and his representatives will be prohibited from speaking about the team working with Judge Engoron. In the weeks when he was able to comment on the case, the president insisted that these members of the court were being biased. In a message on Thanksgiving Day, for example, he accused them of undervaluing his property and the judge's assistant Allison Greenfield of ordering him what to do. He did not forget, however, to wish them a happy holiday.

The former president, his children Donald Jr. and Eric, and senior executives of the Trump Organization, were accused of participating in a scheme in which they allegedly used "numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation" over more than a decade, with the aim of inflating Trump's net worth and obtaining conditions more favorable loan rates.

Trump denied these claims, and his lawyers argued that the valuations referred to by Letitia James, the state's attorney general, were the product of his business acumen.