Trump and Biden continue down the campaign trail following primaries in New York, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Rhode Island

Both candidates once again took nearly all available delegates as they steamroll toward a 2020 election rematch in November.

This Tuesday, Republican and Democratic primary voters in four states cast their votes for the two main candidates. Joe Biden and Donald Trump won big in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin, giving them both the necessary number of delegates to officially run for the presidency.

In every state, Donald Trump won by a comfortable margin against his rivals, all of whom withdrew from the primaries. With over 77% of the total votes, Trump thus obtained all 179 delegates distributed among the four states.

President Joe Biden's victory occurred under practically the same circumstances. Without serious opponents in these primaries, the Democrat the vast majority of the 509 available delegates, which would leave him well above the total of 1,968 necessary to win the national convention, as predicted.

Protest vote against Biden

However, a good number of null votes were registered against Biden, which Democrats used as a protest against the president. In the absence of other Democratic primary candidates, many voters are thus expressing their discontent with President Biden's management of issues such as the border, the war in Gaza and the economy.

In Rhode Island, the percentage of "uncommitted" votes was 14.9%. Many of them were concentrated in the capital of Providence and in Jackson. Similarly, in Wisconsin, a state that will be key in the presidential elections, 47,846 votes were "uninstructed," representing 8.4% of the total. In Connecticut, another 11.5% of the votes were added in protest of the current Democratic administration.