The Supreme Court prepares to rule on Trump's eligibility this Monday, just before Super Tuesday

This ruling could not only decide the former president's participation in the Colorado primary, but also his eligibility for this year's general election.

The Supreme Court announced it will begin making decisions on former President Donald Trump's eligibility on the primary election ballot in Colorado. An official statement from the court mentioned that the first information about the case will be published on Monday at 10 in the morning.

This ruling could determine whether Trump appears on the primary ballot in Colorado and his eligibility for this year's general election. In addition, the verdict will likely affect other states where Trump's suitability as a candidate has been questioned.

Although the judges were not expected to return to the courtroom until March 15, the decision to act may have been due to the impact of the electoral calendar and the pressure Trump has put on the judges to intervene in the case before the Super Tuesday primaries on March 5.

The case over Trump's eligibility

In December, the Colorado Supreme Court excluded Trump from the ballot, citing his involvement in the January 6, 2021, insurrection and relying on the 14th Amendment to declare his presidential ineligibility.

The former president's defense petitioned the Supreme Court to hear his appeal, and the court responded quickly to resolve the matter. The review was granted two days after filing, and arguments were scheduled for approximately a month later.

After the oral arguments, several experts expressed doubts about the Colorado court's decision and pointed out that Trump is highly likely to receive a ruling in his favor. Even liberal judges expressed doubt about letting states exclude candidates from the ballot without Congress passing a law giving them that power.