Overwhelming rejection of 'Defund the Police': No one wants candidates who support it

Ninety six percent of Americans disagree with policies implemented by progressive leaders that limit police actions.

The Convention of States Action published a survey in conjunction with Trafalgar Group revealing that the vast majority of Americans do not support the measures implemented in cities with progressive leaders that restrict actions of police officers and prevent the arrest of those accused of violent crimes.

The poll found that 95.6% of respondents say they are "less likely to vote in the next election for a candidate who supports policies that prevent police from arresting criminals accused of violent crimes, such as kidnapping and armed robbery."

Limiting police results in crime wave

The survey is released as controversial anti-police policies  are being implemented in some cities led by progressive officials. Examples of these measures to defund the police include eliminating bail or reducing penalties for misdemeanor offenders. This, some police leaders point out, has caused an increase in widespread crime throughout the country.

Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco and New York are some of the cities that limit police action and have suffered a significant increase in crime and delinquency on their streets:

- Chicago
In 2021, the city suffered one of its deadliest years on record, with more than 700 homicides. Led by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, The Second City does not allow law enforcement to prosecute certain crimes that are considered minor.

- Washington
Homicides in the capital increased by 12% and robberies by 20% compared to last year. In spite of this, a new law was passed limiting the ability of police officers to chase fleeing suspects. In Washington, police are unable to do their job unless the crime meets certain criteria of severity.

- Philadelphia
The number of murders in the city in 2021 was the highest since 1960. In addition, 70% of the city's residents reported crime, drugs and public safety as their main concerns. However, progressive prosecutor Larry Krasner says "there is no crime crisis."

- San Francisco
Mayor London Breed diverted $120 million from police, resulting in a 17% increase in murders.

- New York
The Big Apple became the most dangerous sanctuary city in the country. The elimination of cash bail has also caused an increase in crime in the state. Even so, some $382 million in police funding was cut.

Voters back police

Voters, regardless of their political orientation, support the police having the ability to do their job so long as the law and citizens are respected. According to Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States Action:

Americans of all political backgrounds have a strong belief in protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. Crime is the beneath-the-iceberg issue for voters in 2022, it’s absolutely clear in these numbers.

The survey was conducted September 17-20 among more than 1,000 likely midterm voters.