Mayor Adams goes from "open arms" to not wanting immigrants in New York City

New York mayor threatens to send buses to Texas in response to the influx of illegals to the Big Apple.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has radically changed his discourse on immigration since some busloads of immigrants from Texas have arrived in the city. Adams has shown his anger with these shipments of illegals to the point of "deeply contemplating" sending "busloads of New Yorkers to Texas" in retaliation. Adams calls the influx of immigrants to the Big Apple "horrible."

Adams' change of discourse on immigration is surprising. The busing of buses from Texas to New York and Washington D.C. announced by Governor Greg Abbott has just begun to take place, and the Democratic mayor is doing a 180-degree turn on his claims. This is what I was saying less than a month ago, when Texas was denouncing the border crisis in the state:

"New York welcomes immigrants with open arms," said Adams on July 19, shortly after the Lone Star State denounced the federal government's inaction in the face of a"border invasion" ignored by the Democratic administration.

In just a few weeks, Eric Adams changes his discourse, claiming that illegals are "forced" to come to New York. However, he does not hesitate to describe immigrants as a "real burden" for the city he governs.

Abbott invites Democratic mayors to learn about the realities of the immigration crisis

Earlier this month, Texas Gov. invited Erick Adams and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, to visit the state's border with Mexico so that they can have a real vision of the dimension of the human crisis caused by the wave of illegal immigrants.

"As governor, I invite you to visit our border region so you can see firsthand the dire situation that becomes more urgent with each passing day. And to meet with local officials who, like you, realize that this issue deserves immediate federal action." Both Adams and Bowser rejected this meeting, although both agree with Abbott on the need to increase federal resources in the face of the influx of immigrants (to their cities).