House passes bill giving parents more oversight of their children's education

The legislative proposal includes everything from verification of study materials to approval in changing the gender of their children.

This Friday, the Republican-majority House of Representatives passed a bill that would give parents more control over the education their children receive by giving them access to curricula.

HR 5, better known as Parents Bill of Rights Act (Parental Rights Act) was approved on a 213-208 vote, with five Republicans voting against the legislative proposal that seeks to ensure that parents have knowledge about what their children will see in the classroom.

"Parents deserve transparency"

The bill would require elementary and secondary educational institutions to provide parents with a list of the reading materials that will be available to their children in the school library, as well as the curriculum.

It would also make schools that receive federal funds require parental approval before changing the pronouns, names or genders of minors on school forms and if they don't comply they could lose funding.

"Parents deserve transparency in the classroom. They have a right to know what their children are being taught, a right to be heard, and a right to protect their children’s privacy," said Representative Mark Green, co-sponsor of the legislation.

"Sending a child to public school does not terminate parental rights at the door," said Indiana Republican Rep. Erin Houchin.

The bill came about after parents across the country began showing up at school board meetings to complain about their children's curricula. In addition, parents are bringing to light the extreme left-wing ideology that is being promoted in the classrooms and the discovery of explicit content in several books in public schools.

Pornographic books inside schools

Earlier this month, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed a video of some of the books he decided to remove from public schools due to the pornographic content they showed.