Did immigration separate them? Joe Biden and Eric Adams have not spoken since 2022

The mayor of New York recently confessed that he has not conversed with the president since his last visit to the city.

Eric Adams warned in August that the immigration crisis is wreaking havoc in New York City. The mayor assured that a "tipping point" had been reached and relayed his demands to the federal government to help the state with additional funds. In this context, the Democrat revealed that he has not spoken to Joe Biden since 2022.

Adams, who won his current post in 2021 thanks to his tough-on-crime rhetoric, went public with his claim in early August, although he had already stated that the White House had failed the city.

"We have to control the border. We need to declare a state of emergency, and we need to adequately fund this national crisis. We need help. And it's not going to get any better. From this point on, it's downhill. There is no more space. I was at the Roosevelt on Saturday and went on Sunday. They lined up around the block, hurting the businesses there; this is not going to get any better. We put buses there for cooling systems, but it's simply not sustainable. And I am a realist," he said.

In addition, the Democrat explained that he had spent $1.45 billion on shelter, food and services for the nearly 100,000 existing asylum seekers.

The Democrat, who once called himself the Biden of Brooklyn, told CNN that he hadn't spoken to the president since 2022 when the two coincided in the Big Apple. However, despite not agreeing with his handling of immigration, he reiterated his support for 2024. "I think it's moving the country in the right direction, and we need to keep moving in the right direction. And I can separate what I believe [is] an issue that we disagree on," he added.

The federal government said it would give the city $140 million, but budget director Jacques Jiha commented that New York had not yet received a dollar. It is uncertain when the funds will reach Adams' coffers.