Biden acts against the will of Americans: A poll reveals that the majority is in favor of supporting Israel and its raid on Rafah

57% of voters thought that the president should continue providing weapons to the Jewish state, even if it continues its military operation.

A recent Harvard/Harris poll reveals voters' opinions on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, evidencing a clear discrepancy between President Joe Biden's position and the general perception of Americans.

The study, based on a sample of 1,660 voters registered by The Harris Poll, reveals the high degree of time Americans invest in consuming media about the conflict, with nearly three in four voters closely following developments in the war between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, an overwhelming majority of 79% of respondents expressed strong support for the Jewish state over the terrorist group.

As the president pushes to stop the fighting in Gaza and even threatens to suspend arms supplies to Israel if the raid on Rafah continues, respondents show strong support for the Jewish state and its decision to move forward with an operation in the city that sits on the Gaza-Egypt border.

The findings show that 74% of those surveyed believe that Israel should move forward with its military operation in Rafah to end the war with the terrorist group. Additionally, a majority of voters (57%) said Biden should provide weapons to Israel even if it moves forward with its raid.

When voters were asked if they believed Biden's threat to not provide weapons to Israel strengthened Hamas and its supporters, 56% agreed. Similarly, they were asked if they considered that the president's statements benefited or harmed the negotiations to recover the hostages, and 58% thought that they harmed them.

The survey also reveals that only 34% of voters would agree with an unconditional ceasefire. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they would only consider a truce after the hostages are released and Hamas is removed.

Regarding Gaza's future, the results show that the majority of voters (78%) agree that Hamas should no longer run Gaza. However, there is division over who should manage the area once the terrorist group is eliminated. According to the study, 39% of voters believe that Israel should administer Gaza once the war is over. In comparison, 32% think a new authority created by Arab countries should be in charge, and 29% believe it should be led by the Palestinian Authority.

These findings underscore the complexity and importance of the conflict for Americans, as well as the need for a policy response that reflects the opinions and concerns of the population.