While Biden warned that he would stop sending weapons to Israel, he also announced the possible relief of sanctions for Arab countries allied to terrorism

Senator Ted Cruz lashed out against the president, suggesting that his decisions make him the best ally Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas could have.

A new report reveals that just a few hours before the Biden administration announced its intention to stop supplying military material to Israel, it issued a sanctions waiver to allow the sale of weapons to some Arab countries allied with terrorism.

According to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department informed Congress that it intends to ignore bans on arms trade with nations boycotting Israel, arguing that the sanctions waiver "facilitates US support for Lebanon's stability, sovereignty, and efforts to undermine violent extremist influences."

However, it is striking that the decision that could allow the shipment of weapons to countries like Iran and Qatar that collaborate closely with terrorist groups occurred less than 24 before Biden threatened Israel with paralyzing the shipment of military material if the Jewish State invaded Rafah to put an end to Hamas.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was among those who expressed concern after reviewing the sanctions waiver, stating that the Biden administration's policy toward Israel and around the world appears to punish allies and promote enemies.

“They have sanctioned Israel and imposed an arms embargo. Meanwhile, they've spent hundreds of millions pouring aid into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, dismantled sanctions on Iran, and now are suspending congressional restrictions to send weapons to Israel's enemies such as Qatar and Lebanon," he criticized.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a State Department spokesperson assured that Biden remains committed to the security and defense of Israel. However, he said the president “reserves the right” to waive congressional restrictions if he believes it is “in the national security interest.”

“The foreign policy of the Biden administration is precisely backwards. Joe Biden is the best friend Iran, Hezbollah, or Hamas could ever have,” Senator Cruz said.

Israel accuses Biden of favoring terrorists

After the American president reported his intention to stop the shipment of weapons to Israel, the Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, made a publication directly criticizing Biden with a concise but strong message: "Hamas❤️Biden."