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Israel accuses Biden administration of favoring terrorists by pausing arms shipments

Members of the Israeli government reiterated their intention to continue the military operation in Gaza with or without the support of the White House.

Joe Biden- Benjamin Netanyahu

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President Joe Biden confirmed previous reports and this Wednesday told CNN that if Rafah is completely invaded, his administration will stop supplying military materials to Israel. Specifically, Biden's decision affects ammunition for artillery, aerial projectiles for fighters and other offensive weapons.

Biden's announcement provoked a strong reaction from the government and politics in Israel. The Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir even posted on X that "Hamas❤️Biden."

This statement made its way to the streets. Since it became known that Biden would not support the operation in Rafah, several dozen protesters gathered in front of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv and chanted slogans against Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Prime Minister and leader of the Likud political party, Benjamin Netanyahu, was more restrained than his fellow government coalition. He posted part of his speech for the day of remembrance of the Shoah on social media this Thursday. In that speech, in English, Netanyahu reminded the leaders of the international community that nothing and no one will stop Israel's determination to destroy its enemies.

"If Israel is forced to resist alone, Israel will resist alone," Netanyahu said in this message. He posted his statement on X this Thursday and it has since been interpreted as a direct message to Joe Biden.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also made statements after confirming the pause on U.S. arms supplies. During a public appearance, Gallant assured that Israel "will achieve [its] objectives in the north and in the south," in a message addressed to both the country’s "enemies and best friends.”

Criticism of the Republican Party

Biden has also been criticized from the United States.Republican leaders in Congress criticized the president for his decision. Mitch McConnell and Mike Johnson wrote a letter to the president. In it they assured that his decision "calls into question your pledge that your commitment to Israel's security will remain ironclad."

In turn, they stated that "Israel faces an existential and multi-front threat … daylight between the United States and Israel at this dangerous time risks emboldening Israel's enemies and undermining the trust that other allies and partners have in the United States." In closing, Johnson and McConnell wrote that security assistance to Israel is "an urgent priority that must not be delayed."