Trump praises the Hispanic community: "They're unbelievably entrepreneurial"

The former president and candidate for the GOP nomination explained, in conversation with Univision, that the Hispanic turn towards the Republican Party began during his presidency due to his economic and immigration policies.

"Latinos have incredible skills, incredible energy, and they're very entrepreneurial," said former President Donald Trump in a recent interview, when asked about the New York Times survey that gives 42% Hispanic support for his candidacy. "And yeah, the polls, nobody's ever seen anything like it."

What is the key to this increase in Hispanic voting intention? "I think bigger than anything now is security," said the former president in conversation with Enrique Acevedo, from Univisión. "We have tremendous numbers of people, as an example, from Mexico. They live here, whether it's permanently or part time. They don't want to have people coming in and raiding their house or doing bad things. They want to see security. They want to have a border."

After criticizing the outcomes of Bidenomics, Trump maintained that the conservative turn of part of the country's Hispanic population began during his presidency. That, "is a such an honor." This change in political sympathies is also due, the Republican explained, to the entrepreneurship of the community:

If you say Latino, Hispanic, there's tremendous entrepreneurship there, tremendous and natural, you know, some of the best small businesses in our country and some of the best businesses are built by Latinos, including people coming in from Mexico. They're very entrepreneurial.

Trump then spoke in favor of the arrival of Latin Americans from countries with authoritarian regimes, such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, as long as they enter legally. He also criticized the reduction of sanctions on those regimes, as the Administration recently did with the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

Well, even want to do something even dumber or what they want to do is give those countries billions and billions of U.S. dollars from U.S. taxpayers hoping that they'll have economic development and that economic development will keep their people from coming into the United States. Now, how dumb is that?

Asked about the military intervention in Mexico that some candidates for the GOP nomination have promoted, Trump maintained that the solution to the fentanyl problem had to be achieved by collaborating with the Mexican government in power.

The former president also spoke about the war in Israel, reiterating his support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and US membership in NATO.