Trump defense shatters credibility of star prosecution witness

Michael Cohen admitted that he sells merchandise with negative messages about the former president and that he talks about him six days a week on his podcast.

The second day of statements by the Prosecutor’s star witness made it clear that Michael Cohen clearly intends for Trump to be convicted. It also showed how Cohen has recently been gaining fame and money thanks to the story surrounding the case. Cohen admitted that he has a podcast in which he talks about Trump six days a week and that he sells merchandise with messages that suggest the former president should be imprisoned.

During the early morning hours, prosecutors continued the interrogation, which began on Monday. Cohen assured that former President Trump knew about the payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and that he assured her that he would reimburse the money that the lawyer had paid out of his pocket to buy Daniels’ silence. However, in the entire statement, Cohen never said that Trump had asked him to falsify the accounting records or that he had asked anyone else to falsify the records, which is the alleged crime of the entire case.

Trump’s defense began the cross-examination by asking Cohen about several insults he has posted on his social media against the former president and even against Trump’s lawyers. Lawyer Todd Blanche asked him if he had called Trump a “dictator douchebag,” and Cohen responded: “Sounds like something I said.”

One of the key points of Tuesday was Cohen’s precise statement that he wants Trump to be convicted, which explicitly shows that Cohen is not an impartial witness but instead has clear intentions.

Do you want to see President Trump convicted in this case?” Attorney Todd Blanche asked.

“Sure,” Cohen responded.

Cohen makes money off Trump merchandise

Trump’s defense showed the jury the different Trump-related products that Michael Cohen sells on his website. Jurors saw a pin that reads “Convict 45” and has a price tag of $17. There is also a coffee mug, priced at $22, that reads “Send Him To The Big House, Not The White House.”

The former president’s lawyers also asked Cohen about his TikTok account on which he speaks out against Donald Trump. Cohen said he charges $5.99 for each monthly subscription to his account. When asked if he spent every night talking about the former president, he said: “Well, I only do it six days a week.” 

Todd Blanche also asked Cohen about the T-shirt he was wearing last week in one of his broadcasts, which showed Trump in an orange suit and behind bars. Cohen confirmed that he wore the T-shirt with the drawing of Trump behind bars to speak on his podcast last Wednesday.

Cohen and his history as a liar

Blanche was responsible for highlighting that Cohen not only has a history of lying but has also been imprisoned for his lies. Cohen has lied in court and under oath, to the IRS, to Congress, and, of course, to the media.

Trump’s lawyer began by pressuring Cohen to admit that he told lies in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“Yes, the info I gave was not accurate,” Cohen said

“Is not accurate information a lie?” Blanche replied.

“Sure. It was inaccurate, yes,” Cohen said

“Was it a lie? Blanche insisted.

After several exchanges, Cohen finally admitted: “Sure, I’ll say it’s a lie.”

Blanche also delved into the details of Cohen’s current legal situation, which resulted from his bad practices and lies. The Prosecutor’s star witness confirmed that he is on supervised release until November but is under house arrest, and he is given up to three hours a week to be away from his home. He said that before, the authorities monitored him with an ankle bracelet, but he is now monitored by phone.