Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter, testifies that Joe Biden allowed his family to sell “great influence and access” to US enemies

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, denounced Democrats for trying to boycott the whistleblower's “unshakeable” testimony.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, testified before several House committees on Tuesday that Joe Biden allowed his family to sell “great influence and access” to America's enemies through their controversial family businesses.

According to a copy of the opening speech prepared by Bobulinski, Joe Biden was the main face of the family business and the president was aware of that. Overall, he accused members of the Biden family of enriching themselves with tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party and businessmen from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan as well as other foreign nations and entities.

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“I want to be crystal clear: from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was 'the brand' being sold by the Biden family,” Bobulinski told the committees leading the impeachment inquiry against Biden. “His family’s foreign influence peddling operation – from China to Ukraine and elsewhere – sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government. Joe Biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family’s business; he was an enabler, despite being buffered by a complex scheme to maintain plausible deniability."

“The only reason any of these international business transactions took place—with tens of millions of dollars flowing directly to the Biden family—was because Joe Biden was in high office,” said Hunter Biden's former business partner.

The 2017 meeting

Bobulinski, who has been denouncing Joe Biden's involvement in his son's businesses for years, including affirming that the president is the person referred to as “Big Guy” in emails found on Hunter's computer. Bobulinski worked with the president's son to create the SinoHawk Holdings joint venture with the Chinese energy company CEFC.

He also said that he met with Joe Biden in 2017, stating that that meeting occurred only because he was a business partner of the family .

“The only reason Joe Biden met with me privately during the Milken Institute Global Conference and seated me at his head table was because I was a business associate of the Biden family,” he said.

In that sense, Bobulinski stated that “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.”

Joe and Hunter Biden - bobulinski

In his testimony, according to the statement, Bobulinski stated that the Chinese company CEFC acted as a "surrogate" for the Chinese Communist Party to directly influence the United States government in general and Joe Biden in particular.

In his statement, Bobulinski said Joe Biden “was aware of the CEFC transaction, enabled it and had a constitutional responsibility and obligation to the American people to shut it down before it began.”

“This is because CEFC had been identified as a known surrogate of the Chinese Communist Party by the U.S. Government and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York as far back as 2016, possibly earlier,” said Bobulinski, who also called Hunter Biden the “weakest link” in the family.

Finally, the former business partner of the Biden family asserted that federal authorities have been reluctant to interview him regarding their investigations against the president.

In fact, he stated that he was never contacted to testify in any federal investigation related to the Bidens, including the investigations by special counsel David Weiss' team.

“Unshakeable testimony”

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, highlighted Bobulinski's testimony as “unshakeable.”

The Republican, one of the legislators leading the investigations against the Biden family, denounced that Democrats tried to boycott the whistleblower's testimony throughout the session and that the full transcript will be published very soon.

“Mr. Bobulinski was unshakeable in his testimony today, providing facts Democrats didn't want to hear. As such, Democrats put on a shameful display as they yelled at Mr. Bobulinski, cut him off, belittled him, and threatened him,” Comer wrote. “It's behavior that I've frankly never seen before in a transcribed interview. We will soon release the transcript to provide the American people with transparency about Joe Biden's involvement in his family's shady schemes and Democrats' efforts to smear him for blowing the whistle."