Texas bans critical race theory on college campuses

The state Senate passed a bill introduced by the GOP mandating that teachers cannot force students to adopt the belief that any race is superior to another.

The Texas Senate passed a bill to ban critical race theory at state public universities. The legislation states that "a faculty member of an institution of higher education may not compel or attempt to compel a student enrolled in the institution to adopt a belief that any race, sex or ethnicity or social, political or religious belief is inherently superior to any other race, sex, ethnicity or belief."

The legislation defends "intellectual diversity so that all students are respected and educated." The report also calls on public educational institutions to "commit to creating an environment of intellectual inquiry and academic freedom so that all students are prepared to participate in the workforce and improve society."

SB 16, introduced by Republican legislator Bryan Hughes, received full GOP support, while some Democrats opposed (18 votes in favor to 13 against).

"The radical left's drive to divide our society is relentless"

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick congratulated the Senate for supporting the bill:

If approved by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, universities would have until Jan. 1, 2024 to implement the measure.