Ted Cruz compares Gustavo Petro to Hugo Chávez for his anti-Semitic comments

The Republican senator reacted to the stance that the Colombian president has taken after the violent attack by Hamas.

Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz compared the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, to the late Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chávez, after the president’s stance against Israel.

Since Hamas carried out the violent attack on Israel, Petro has insisted on making publications through his social media harshly criticizing Israel for defending itself from the terrible massacre committed by the Palestinian terrorist group.

The Colombian president has even compared Israel to the Nazi regime and has accused it of using the excuse of Hamas to divide the Palestinian people and punish them. However, the relationship between both countries reached a critical point after Petro posted that he is willing to cut diplomatic relations with Israel.

If we have to suspend foreign relations with Israel, we suspend them. We do not support genocides,” said Petro.

This led Ted Cruz to react with a sarcastic publication in which he compared the Colombian president’s statements to those the late Venezuelan dictator used to make. “Did the ghost of Hugo Chávez write this tweet?” published Cruz through X.

Republican representative María Elvira Salazar made a similar post about the Colombian president’s position, comparing him to Chávez and the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

“Just as Fidel and Chávez did, Petro sides with terror and does not mind breaking relations with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. I warned it many times. Petro continues to be a danger to Colombia as a Marxist, thief and terrorist, and now anti-Semitic,” she expressed, unleashing a new series of interactions critical of Gustavo Petro.

“It is something that, unfortunately, was already known. Still, he was chosen. And the worst is yet to come,” commented a social media user.

Chávez and his stance against Israel

Like Petro, the late Venezuelan dictator also had no problem publicly demonstrating his opposition to Israel. In fact, on one occasion, he even cursed the Jewish country in a television broadcast.

“Damn you, State of Israel,” he said.