Senate approves the international aid package for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine

Despite this, Speaker Mike Johnson suggested that the same resolution will not pass in the House of Representatives.

The Senate approved an international aid package Tuesday that provides $95 billion for Taiwan, Israel and Ukraine. Of this total, $60 billion are designated for the Ukrainian government in its effort to stop the Russian invasion. The bill includes no provisions to reinforce the southern border.

The Senate, with a Democratic majority, welcomed the approval of this bill, which according to Chuck Schumer is "a clear bipartisan message of resolve to our allies in NATO" and also sends a clear message to Putin. As soon as the vote was over and the session was adjourned, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated and thanked the U.S. senators and Democratic leaders for their support of the Ukrainian cause.

Although the Senate approved the foreign aid package, the bill may not have the same fate in the House of Representatives, according to Speaker Mike Johnson. The Republican, who works to keep a weak majority cohesive, maintains that the bill will not even reach a vote in the full House. In the previous weeks, the House was also unable to find common ground to approve an aid package for Israel, in the midst of the fight against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

At the center of the issue are the demands from Republican representatives for a radical change in President Joe Biden's immigration policy, as well as new and greater financial support for the protection of the southern border.