Sam Harris acknowledges the news about Hunter Biden's laptop being withheld to prevent Trump's reelection

Regarding the question of whether there was "left wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump," he replies, "Absolutely it was. Absolutely."

Sam Harris, philosopher, author and host of the podcast "Making Sense," has acknowledged that there was a conspiracy to hide the contents of Hunter Biden's computer. Harris isn't sure that it was in fact a conspiracy, given that it was done in plain sight of everyone. But he says it existed, and that it was necessary to prevent Donald Trump from getting re-elected.

Harris was interviewed by Kisin and Foster, hosts of the podcast Triggernometry. There was a moment in the long interview in which they talked about the conspiracy to censor relevent information from Hunter Biden's computer, son of the then Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and the following happened:

Harris says, "Literally, Hunter Biden could’ve had the corpses of children in his basement. I would not have cared. First of all: It’s Hunter Biden, all right? It’s not Joe Biden."

But he doesn't stop there. Harris adds, "whatever the scope of Joe Biden’s corruption is… I mean, if we could just go down that rabbit’s hole endlessly and understand that Joe is receiving large amounts of money from Hunter Biden’s deals in Ukraine or whatever else, it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know Trump is involved in. It is like a fireflight to the sun."

The philosopher knows the extent of Donald Trump's corruption, though he says nothing specific about it, with one exception: "It doesn’t even stack up against Trump University. Trump University as a story is worse than anything that could be in Hunter Biden’s laptop." So Harris knows what is, or what may be, on Hunter Biden's computer, so he can compare it to the Trump University case.

Since Harris knows this, the extent of corruption of one candidate or another, he believes that the proper thing to do is to choose for the people what to vote for, rather than allowing them to make an informed choice.

Acknowledgement that there was a conspiracy

So, Harris acknowledges that while not everyone is willing to accept that Trump's corruption is greater than that of Hunter Biden, son of the current president, "That doesn’t answer the people who say: ‘It is completely unfair to not have looked at the laptop (...) and to shut up The New York Post Twitter account. That’s a left wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump’. Absolutely it was. Absolutely."

The implications of what Sam Harris is saying are obvious, but at that moment one of the interviewers, Konstantin Kisin, stops him and says, "You just said something I really struggle with that. (...) You say that you are content with a left wing conspiracy to prevent somebody democratically reelected as president."

Harris does not deny it, but corrects non-essential aspects of the issue, such as whether it is clearly left-wing, or not quite a conspiracy since everything was done in full view of the world:

  • Sam Harris: "The thing is, she's not a leftist. Liz Cheney is not a leftist."
  • Konstantin Kisin: "You are happy with a conspiracy to prevent someone from being democratically re-elected."
  • Sam Harris: "It was a conspiracy in the open. But it doesn't matter. No matter which part was a conspiracy, which part was in plain sight. If there was an asteroid coming toward Earth and we got together in a room (...) and had a conversation about what we could do to slow down its course, is that a conspiracy?"

Whether or not it falls within Sam Harris's idea of what a conspiracy is, he recognizes the bottom line: There was an attempt to hide an important aspect of one of the two candidates from the American voters, to prevent the other from being re-elected president.