Ron DeSantis is Americans' 'top choice' to be Donald Trump's vice president

A survey revealed that the Florida governor is Americans' preferred vice president in the event that the former president returns to the White House.

Ron DeSantis is Americans' preferred choice to be Donald Trump's vice president if he is elected as the Republican candidate and wins the November elections. As soon as he left the Republican race, the governor of Florida did not hesitate to endorse the former president.

According to a poll conducted by I&I/TIPP, 34% of voters considered DeSantis as their first or second choice to be Trump's running mate, including 16% who chose him as their "top choice."

Behind DeSantis was Nikki Haley. The former governor of South Carolina, who is still in the race to be the Republican candidate for the November elections, was the first or second choice from 24% of respondents, with 11% choosing her first.

Vivek Ramaswamy received the third most support. Twenty-one percent of those surveyed had him as either their first or second choice. He actually surpassed Haley among those who choose him as their top option (14%). As with DeSantis, the businessman made his support for Trump official as soon as he withdrew his candidacy.

Other names appear on the list, such as former candidate Tim Scott, former Trump administration Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Another notable appearance was Tucker Carlson. The commentator, who does not have experience in politics, received 12% support and was the first option for 6% of those surveyed.