Rashida Tlaib fundraisers revealed to have links to Islamic terrorist organizations

This was found in a report from Canary Mission, which found at least six names related to the congresswoman's campaign and groups such as Hamas.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was censured by the House of Representatives for her comments on the war between Israel and Hamas. Specifically, the resolution formally condemned her for “calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.” Just days later, connections between activists linked to the terrorist group and the Democrat’s congressional campaign in 2018 began to emerge.

Twenty-two Democrats joined all Republicans in censuring the Michigan lawmaker, who amplified her rhetoric against the Jewish state since October 7.

What does censure mean for a member of the House of Representatives? It is a reprimand for bad behavior but does not mean expulsion. Officially, it is a reprimand that “records the House’s deep disapproval of members’ misconduct which, however, does not meet the threshold for expulsion .”

In practical terms, this measure does not change the daily life of the member of Congress in question, in this case Tlaib. She will not be removed from any committee, nor will her authority as a member of the Lower House be hindered.

Rashida Tlaib’s connections to Hamas-linked activists

As reported by Canary Mission, the progressive “is connected to 6 Hamas-linked activists who all served as fundraiser co-hosts for her 2018 congressional campaign.”

Mwafaq Jbara, Sheikh Muhammad Qatanani, Huwaida Arraf, Salah Sarsour, Rafeeq Jaber and Abdelbaset Hamayel were the names mentioned in the report.

Mwafaq Jbara

The first was imprisoned along with Abdel Aziz ar-Rantisi, co-founder of Hamas, whom he would later praise in different publications on social networks.

“To the heavens of eternity o #lion_of_palestine your words continues to ring in my ears and I still remember that meeting in Megiddo prison in 1997…you'll remain among us and you'll remain a model and a great example,” Jbara wrote in 2016. At the same time, he repeatedly spoke out in favor of Hezbollah and Hamas, inciting them to destroy Israel.

In addition to attending Tlaib’s swearing-in ceremony, the man served as a co-host for the 2018 fundraiser and was listed as one of 14 co-hosts for a fundraiser on March 29 of the same year.

Muhammad Qatanani

The second, Muhammad Qatanani, also co-hosted the 2018 fundraiser. In 2008, it was reported that, when entering the United States, he had failed to mention “previous convictions by an Israeli military court for providing material support to Hamas, as well as his membership in the terror organization.”

Huwaida Arraf

Huwaida Arraf also co-hosted Tlaib’s first congressional campaign fundraiser. “As the co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), Arraf has allied with multiple terrorist groups, including Hamas. She has also provoked violence as the 2006 co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement (FGM), whose mission is to ‘break the Israel’s illegal siege…on Gaza.’ She reportedly participated in seven FGM flotillas to Gaza between August 2008 and May 2010,” the Canary Mission expressed.

Salah Sarsur

Fourth on the list is Salah Sarsur, who "was reportedly a Hamas activist who served eight months in prison in 1995 for his connections to the terror group, including giving Hamas members money.”

As for his relationship with Tlaib, he was listed in an official campaign brochure as the main organizer of an event and again co-hosted the 2018 fundraiser.

Abdelbaset Hamayel

The listing continued with Abdelbaset Hamayel, another co-host of Tlaib’s campaign fundraisers. He served as “Illinois and Wisconsin representative for KindHearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development (KindHearts),” although the group “disbanded in 2011 after the U.S. Treasury Department discovered it was funneling funds to Hamas.”

Rafeeq Jaber

Rafeeq Jaber was the last one identified by the Canary Mission. In addition to participating in the Democrat’s campaign, he helped distribute Hamas propaganda in the United States.