Obama, who devastated Libya with bombs, asks people to donate after devastating floods

Thousands of X users called out the former president for his hypocrisy after what he did to Libya in 2011.

In the wake of the catastrophic floods in Libya, which have killed more than 5,000 people, former President Barack Obama is asking people to help Libyans through his foundation, the Obama Foundation. However, thousands of users of X (formerly Twitter) called him out for promoting military intervention against Libya, in 2011, which devastated much of the country.

"If you're looking to help people impacted by the floods in Libya, check out these organizations providing relief," Obama wrote, quoting his foundation's tweet. Immediately people reacted to the former president's message.

"You have a lot of audacity talking about helping the Libyans," journalist Tom Elliott told him.

"Libya has literal slavery again because of you. You're going to burn in hell for what you did to that country," the New Hampshire Libertarian Party account posted.

Another user, Dr. Simon Goddek, wrote, "These funds wouldn't have been needed if you hadn't bombed Libya, setting it back to the Stone Age, just to remove someone who opposed your agenda."

In Spring 2011, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided to intervene in Libya to overthrow the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who violently repressed his opposition.

Both the United States and the United Kingdom massively bombed regions of Libya, to reduce Gaddafi's troops. The intervention lasted for several months and killed tens of thousands of people, both military personnel and civilians.

Gaddafi was a horrific dictator. While he was in power, the country experienced horrendous political instability. The same is true in other Middle Eastern countries where its leaders were overthrown as part of the Arab Spring.

Libya has been dealing with the devastating consequences caused by the U.S. military intervention in 2011. Thousands called out Obama for claiming to provide relief to the African country after its devastating rains, the same country that he bombed several years ago.

Rumble's Unity News Net account responded to Obama and said, "You bombed this great country into oblivion. You have zero right to talk about this."