New York judge Juan Merchan stays trial to allow Donald Trump to attend son Barron's graduation

The former president attended the event in Florida, accompanied by his wife, Melania. After this, the former president is expected to attend a campaign event in Minnesota.

Judge Juan Merchán, presiding over Donald Trump's trial for alleged payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels in New York, suspended the daily hearing Friday, thus allowing the former president attend the graduation of his 18-year-old son Barron, as Trump himself announced through a post on Truth Social:

The youngest of Donald Trump's children graduated Friday morning from Oxbridge Academy, located in Palm Beach, Fla., accompanied by his parents, Donald and Melania Trump and his grandfather, Viktor Knavs as well as his other 115 classmates and their families. The ceremony, which marks the end of Barron's high school education and the beginning of his college years, was attempted to be kept strictly private.

Media banned from Barron Trump's graduation

In fact, USA Today reported, the academy declared that the ceremony was "private, by invitation only" due to the "heightened interest in this year’s event," going so far as to prevent the media from attending the event, according to The Palm Beach Post. "We respectfully ask all media to refrain from coming to the school to allow for the safety of our graduates, family members, and other guests in attendance," read the statement provided by the school.

Trump did not disappoint. The former president was escorted by 10 Secret Service cars and sat in the front row with his wife, Melania, and her father, Viktor Knavs. Minutes later, the master of ceremonies thanked Donald Trump for his presence at the event: "I want to give a special welcome to the president and Mrs. Trump," he began, provoking applause from the audience.

Upon graduation, Barron is expected to choose a college and major. The latest rumors claim that Trump's son could study politics, although it has not yet been confirmed. The university where he will continue his studies this fall is also unknown. As the former president hinted, Barron could opt for the University of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump's alma mater and where his children Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany also studied.

There has also been talk of New York University as an option for Barron. Although, the former president recently assured in statements reported by The Daily Mail, the antisemitic protests could change his mind: "Right now, he's doing a great job. He has great marks. He's going to be going to college soon. And we're looking at some colleges that are different [than] they were two months ago."

Donald Trump resumes campaign events

Although Donald Trump's priority was to attend his son Barron's graduation, the former president will also take advantage of the fact that the trial will not resume until next Monday to attend some campaign events ahead of the election in November.

Trump will head to Minnesota, where he confirmed his attendance at the annual Lincoln Reagan dinner organized by the state Republican Party. There, he will headline the event with David Hann, chairman of the Minnesota GOP, who was enthusiastic about the former president's presence at the event: "I think this is something Trump wants to do. He believes this is a state he can win. We believe that’s the case as well," he stated in statements collected by The Detroit News.

In this historically Democratic-leaning state, Trump nearly won in 2016. In recent history, the feat has only been achieved by Republican Richard Nixon in 1972. However, the "great dissatisfaction with President Biden" that Hann detected in the state, and which is exemplified by almost 19% of Democratic voters during the Super Tuesday primaries marking their ballots as "uncommitted," could change the electoral trend this year and ultimately give victory to Trump in Minnesota.