New York City mayor sends delegation to Texas to check on situation at southern border

Eric Adams has not accepted Texas Governor Gregg Abbott's invitation to learn about the crisis firsthand. It has chosen to send a delegation.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams sent a "fact-finding" delegation to the southern border on Tuesday. It's Adams' response to Greg Abbott's policy of moving thousands of illegal immigrants to 'sanctuary cities' such as New York, reports Fox News. The delegation from Adams' office met Tuesday with Border Patrol officials in Eagle Pass, Texas, near the Rio Grande River, where hundreds of migrants cross into the United States each day.

"We have sent team members on a fact-finding mission. to hear directly from people on the ground along the southern border and get the real answers we're not getting from Texas." They also want to know "if they are sending asylum seekers to New York City, even if they would rather go somewhere else," said press secretary, Fabian Levy. The Secretary also added, "here in New York, we will continue to welcome asylum seekers with open arms as we learn more about the process, meet with real partners, and see, first-hand, the conditions inhumane conditions to which asylum seekers are allegedly being subjected by the state of Texas."

The invitation is still open

For his part, Abbott lamented a few weeks ago "the hypocrisy of New York City Mayor Eric Adams in complaining about the arrival of migrants by bus from Texas to his sanctuary city." The Governor invited Mayor Adams and Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to the Texas border. The objective was to show them the migration crisis "first hand". But the mayors did not accept the invitation and refused "to acknowledge the magnitude of the problem," according to Abbott. The local governor further stated, "Eric Adams is all talk when it comes to open borders."

Fox News published that Renae Eze, the Texas governor's press secretary, assured that the invitation for Democratic mayors to visit the state is still in effect: "Governor Abbott's invitation is still open for Mayor Adams to visit our southern border and see firsthand the devastating impacts of the crisis caused by Biden on border towns smaller than a New York county, rather than sending his staff on a secret trip to Texas."

Despite the criticism from mayors progressive leaders in the face of busing illegal immigrants to New York City, Washington DC and most recently Chicago, Gregg Abbott, remains determined to continue busing illegal immigrants "to continue to provide a relief very necessary to our small border towns invaded".