Marianne Williamson "unsuspends" her campaign for the Democratic nomination: "We're watching a car in slow motion"

The candidate returns to the race after the results of the primaries in Michigan, where she came third without even continuing in the campaign and where 14% voted "uncommitted."

Marianne Williamson has returned to the race. The best-selling spiritual writer had suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination because she "was losing the horse race." However, as he announced in a video on Wednesday: "Something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here, and we must respond."

Williamson took the opportunity to criticize Trump - whom she described as a "fascist" - and Biden, to whom she complained about the lack of an economic plan for the "millions of voters for whom they can't even survive unless they work two or three jobs." Bidenomics, she assured, benefits "20% of us."

Williamson also insisted on her message that the United States has a government "by the corporations and for the corporations." She assured that the country needs a president who can promote a drastic turn and inspire Americans and, in words that resonate with the leading candidate in the Republican race: "That's what it is to make this country great again."

Medicare for all, subsidized healthcare, paid family leave, guaranteed housing, "a peace academy as well as a military academy
"The Democrat listed several of the measures she would take if she reaches the Oval Office, among which her position on the war in Gaza stands out: "We need to have a ceasefire now."

This last flag is especially useful for the candidate after the results of the Michigan primary, immediately after which Williamsom "unsuspended" her campaign. Although Biden won comfortably, achieving 81% of the votes, the "uncommited" option was close to 14%. A campaign called on Democrats to opt for this alternative to show their discontent with the president's stance in support of Israel.

Williamson, for her part, came in third place in Michigan, although she was not even campaigning at the time. With 3% support, she defeated Dean Phillips, a candidate who was still -and is still- competing for the nomination.

"We're watchin a car in slow motion here." "Some people would say: 'Oh, miss Williamson, you're delusional'. I'll tell you what's delusional, what's delusional is closing our eyes and crossing our fingers and hoping that somehow Biden and Harris will be able to beat that juggernaut of dark, dark vision (Trump)".

"We need to say to people 'we see your pain', and we need to say to Donald Trump: 'We see your BS'."