Kamala's concern: "It's a problem for women to get pregnant"

The vice president makes what appears to be a slip of the tongue during an interview in which she again defends abortion.

Kamala Harris says "it's a real problem that women are getting pregnant" every day in the United States. The vice president expressed her concern about what she considers a problem, during an interview on progressive host Brian Tyler Cohen's No Lies program.

In a conversation on abortion, Harris says she is concerned about this "real problem" in the country that "we need to act on with haste."

The vice president insists on government action to defend abortion after the overruling Roe vs. Wade in which the Supreme Court recalls that abortion is not a constitutional right. Despite polls to the contrary, Democrats have wanted to make this issue a banner in their campaign for the midterms.

"We need to act with haste on what's at stake," notes Harris, who defends the government's maneuvering to get this abortion protection signed into law.

Kamala, abortion and overacting

This is not the first time that abortion advocacy has led Kamala Harris to utter unfortunate phrases. A few days ago, the vice president compared the Supreme Court ruling to slavery. Harris criticized anti-abortionists, whom she said are "the same people who are passing laws to restrict the ability to vote" and compared the situation to slavery.