Jim Jordan loses his first bid to be speaker of the House

New rounds of voting are expected to get the Republican the necessary number of votes.

Republican Jim Jordan lost his first attempt to become speaker of the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Twenty Republicans voted with the Democrats to prevent him from getting the votes necessary to take the position.

Likewise, it was learned that seven Republicans voted for Majority Leader Steve Scalise. However, there is still a ways to go. New rounds of voting are expected, something that several Republicans had already warned about. "Jordan was selected to be the House GOP’s candidate for speaker in an anonymous vote last week, but it became immediately clear that it would be an uphill battle to win the support of moderates and other wary establishment Republicans," Fox News explained.

Jim Jordan was the first Republican to run to be the next speaker of the House. He maintained that he is running because Americans are facing many difficult problems and that it is necessary for Republicans to unite.

"Now is the time for our Republican conference to come together to keep our promises to Americans. The problems we face are challenging, but they are not insurmountable. We can focus on the changes that improve the country and unite us in offering real solutions. But no matter what we do, we must do it together as a conference. I respectfully ask for your support for Speaker of the House of Representatives," Jordan wrote in a statement on X (formerly Twitter).