‘It's not human, it's barbaric,’ Rep. Díaz-Balart speaks out against Biden's immigration policy

The representative from Florida reminds President Biden that child trafficking and abuse of women and girls are currently occurring at the border.

Amid record levels of disapproval, and with more and more Americans doubting his mental capacity, President Biden gave the State of the Union address, asserting that he has made great economic achievements and that the crisis at the border is the fault of Republicans. Regarding the true state of the union and the way in which President Biden has handled the nation’s most pressing issues, we spoke with Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart (R-Fla.).

"President Biden's policies have been disastrous, so disastrous that it has had a negative impact on every family," said the Republican congressman. Highlighting that the country is experiencing crises in many different aspects and that it Biden’s policies not only have consequences within the United States, but the entire world: "The lack of safety in the streets caused by leftist policies, the chaos that has been created throughout the world and that has endangered our great nation ... You can no longer hide the sun with a finger."

The congressman also invited Americans to pay attention to the president's actions and not just what he says: "He speaks very beautifully about everything he wants to do and how he wants to help the world, but his actions have been very harmful to the middle class, the working class, and to Latinos, in general to everyone."

Border crisis

When we asked him about the immigration crisis and the president's statements blaming Republicans for the situation at the border, the congressman responded: "This crisis was created by the policies of one person, who is President Biden and his administration. The law has not changed, what has changed is the president of the United States ... and he has signed executive orders that have created the border crisis, the immigration crisis, the crisis for the people who are trying to do the process legally, for those who have legitimate asylum cases. It has destroyed the immigration system. He has opened the border and handed the decision of who enters the country over to the drug cartels."

Díaz-Balart stressed that the president does not need a bill to secure the border: "By executive order he has created this disaster, and also by executive order, with a signature, he can reverse it." He also reminded the president that at this time many inhumane situations are occurring at the southern border. "He said he was going to create a more humane policy, but the vast majority of women and girls are sexually abused. It is not humane to hand over the southern border to drug traffickers. We are seeing boys and girls being trafficked by drug cartels. That's not human, it's savage."

Doubts about President Biden's mental capacity

According to an Associated Press survey, six in 10 Americans doubt the president's capacity to perform his duties as president. In this regard, Congressman Díaz-Balart assures, "Just seeing him on television, he has dramatically declined mentally."

The Republican also recalled that a special counsel report assured that President Biden does not have the mental capacity to stand trial. "How does that person have the capacity to be president?" Díaz-Balart asks, pointing out that the president of the United States is mocked on international television networks for his diminished capabilities.