George Soros is the top Democratic donor heading into the midterms

The amount that the Hungarian tycoon has allocated to support the Democratic Party exceeds $128 million. Overall funding for this election is at a new all-time high.

George Soros  is the top donor to Democrats in the 2022 midterms. A few weeks before the elections take place, The Washington Post published a list of the 50 people who have donated the most money to the campaign. The so-called mega-donors are involved in both the Republican and Democratic campaigns, and the list contains various billionaire investors and tycoons of all kinds.

The person who has donated the most to these midterms is far-left tycoon George Soros. According to the OpenSecrets organization, the total amount that the billionaire has donated to these elections is $128,477,271.

In second place is Elizabeth and Richard Uihlein, who support the Republican Party. However, the amount they have donated to their party is not even half of what Soros put towards the Democrats. They have contributed a total of $62,049,998 to support Republicans in the midterms.

Funding is up 70% over 2018

The last midterm elections, back in 2018, were funded at over $6.7 billion. According to the OpenSecrets organization, this number far exceeds the current amount that is already allocated to the upcoming November 8 elections, specifically by 70%.

A total of more than 9.3 billion is expected to be allocated by the end of the elections. Of this amount, 4.8 billion has already been spent (55% by Republicans and 42% by Democrats).

These are record-breaking figures for donations in a mid-term election. Michael Toner, attorney and former chairman of the Federal Election Commission from 2002-2007, jokes about it. "It's a recession-proof sector," he told EFE in statements reported by El Periódico USAEach election breaks the previous record of donations.