From hate to love: this is how the alliance is being cooked that could make Musk an advisor to Trump, if he returns to the White House

Elon Musk told Trump at a breakfast about his efforts to convince other business leaders to withdraw support for Biden.

From publicly insulting each other just two years ago to openly cooperating: Elon Musk's relationship with former President Trump has evolved to the point where the White House hopeful is considering making Musk a close advisor, should he triumph in November.

The conversations and approaches were revealed by the Wall Street Journal in an extensive article published this Wednesday, May 29. According to the newspaper, both the technology magnate and the former president have grown closer to form a kind of friendship. Among the many conversations they have had in recent months is that, If Trump wins the Presidency, Musk will join as an informal advisor to the White House.

According to the newspaper, which cited sources close to both, the most important conversations took place at an informal breakfast in March of this year, at the Palm Beach mansion of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz, a friend of Elon Musk.

At the meeting, where both Musk and Trump brought their sons X and Barron, respectively, they discussed the possibility of the Tesla owner assuming an advisory role for an eventual Republican presidency.

Likewise, Musk and Peltz told Trump about their efforts, which have been going on for months, to prevent Joe Biden from achieving re-election. The billionaires told Trump that they have been organizing meetings and dinners with other influential business leaders to convince them to withdraw their support for Biden.

In addition, both Peltz and Musk told Trump about a project that both have been developing to prevent electoral fraud. This, of course, caught the attention of the former president, who claims that his defeat in the November elections was due to fraud in favor of Biden.

Regarding the meetings of business leaders, one of those that transcended occurred in April of this year, in Los Angeles, at the mansion of entrepreneur and investor David Sacks. There Musk, Peltz and Sacks met with powerful businessmen Peter Thiel; Rupert Murdock and former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

"The discussion centered on how attendees could give money to Trump privately. Musk and Peltz and other Trump supporters plan to continue hosting more dinners and meetings around the country targeting rich and powerful people," it reads. in the Wall Street Journal.

It's against Biden, not Trump

What brings Musk closer to Trump is, however, the billionaire's disagreement with Joe Biden's Presidency. Formerly a Democrat, Musk announced his change when in May 2022 he tweeted that he would stop voting for the Democratic Party and support the Republicans because the Democrats "had become the party of division and hate, and I can no longer support them."

According to the Wall Street Journal, based on the testimony of his collaborators, what worries Musk is the direction of the country.

"Among other things, Musk has attacked what he calls the "woke mind" virus, a term that encompasses progressive policies such as diversity, equity and inclusion programs."

Just two years ago, in July 2022, Elon Musk said that Trump was not suitable for the Presidency. He called him old. In response, Trump said Musk had "begged" him for government grants.

But Trump became interested in Musk when he began to see similar public political positions. For example, Musk has been vocal about the border crisis and has expressed support for tougher policies to prevent the mass entry of illegal immigrants into the United States, such as those proposed by Trump.

"The former president is impressed with Musk's fortune and has embraced the Tesla CEO's rightward turn," reads the Wall Street Journal.

The relationship now is so fluid that, according to the newspaper, Musk and Trump call each other several times a month, directly, from private cell phone to private cell phone.

In their calls, they discuss immigration, science, technology, and even the United States Space Force. They have both realized that they have much more in common than differences, which is why they have developed a friendship.