Former police aide accuses Eric Adams of sexual abuse

Lorna Beach-Mathura alleges that the current mayor of New York abused his position by demanding sexual favors in exchange for helping her with a work-related problem.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing allegations of sexual assault. The lawsuit, filed by Lorna Beach-Mathura, a former police aide, alleges that in the 1990s, Adams used his position to demand sexual favors from her.

Beach-Mathura recounts in her complaint that several years ago, she faced discrimination that prevented her from moving up in the police force. Seeking help to address the employment problem, she turned to Adams, who was a leader in the NYPD Transit division at the time. Instead of assisting, Adams allegedly took advantage of Beach-Mathura's vulnerability and demanded a sexual favor in exchange for the help.

"Defendant Adams preyed on her perceived vulnerability, demanding a quid pro quo sexual favor and sexually assaulting Plaintiff, revealing himself not to be the 'Guardian' he purported to be, but a predator," the complaint states.

According to the document filed, Adams was initially going to pick her up and take her to his Coney Island home to talk, but once in the car, the now mayor of New York took her to a vacant lot where he allegedly asked her for oral sex. Beach-Mathura claims she flat-out refused. However, Adams reportedly did not stop there and forced her to perform oral sex on him, putting his hand on her genitals and subsequently masturbating in front of her.

"Plaintiff was frightened not only due to Defendant Adams' appalling conduct, but also because she knew that he, as a police officer, had at least one loaded gun in the car," the complaint states.

According to the complainant, Adams never followed through on his promise to help her with the employment matter. Lorna Beach-Mathura left the city and moved to Florida, where she currently works as a public school teacher.

The complaint is part of a lawsuit initially filed against Adams in November under New York's Adult Survivors Act.

The mayor denies allegations

The attorney for the New York City Corporate Counsel, Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix, strongly rejected these claims, calling them "ludicrous." "The mayor fully denies these outrageous allegations and the events described here; we expect full vindication in court. Additionally, in 1993, Eric Adams was one of the most prominent public opponents of the racism within the NYPD, which is why the suit's allegations that he had any sway over promotions of civilian employees is ludicrous," she said.

These allegations have once again cast doubt on Adams's integrity. Adams has portrayed himself as a champion of civil rights and racial equality.

Another legal challenge

Adams is currently under a federal investigation for alleged corruption in campaign fundraising. FBI agents seized his electronic devices late last year as part of this ongoing investigation.