Fetterman criticizes South Africa for accusing Israel of "genocide" while allowing the persecution of white farmers

The Democratic senator reproaches the UN for "talking about proportion" and ignoring that the Jewish State is fighting a terrorist group "that attacked, murdered and mutilated children" and "hides behind civilians."

Democratic Senator, John Fetterman, harshly attacked South Africa and the UN after the announcement that the International Court of Justice will study this Thursday the African country's lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide for its offensive against Hamas terrorists in Gaza. The Pennsylvania legislator recalled that the terrorists of the Palestinian group "hide in tunnels, they hide behind civilians and they attacked, murdered and mutilated children," in addition to pointing out that South Africa is not exactly the most appropriate state to accuse third parties of "genocide."

"They would have taken more lives if they could"

Visibly upset, Fetterman demanded that "stop talking about proportion" following the atrocities committed during the October 7 massacre against civilians by the terrorist group. "You have to make it clear who they are fighting against. It is a group of cowards. They hide in tunnels, they hide behind civilians and they attacked, killed and mutilated children. Stop talking about proportion. They shot and reshot on October 7, and they would have taken more lives if they could, but they couldn't."

He then referred to the complaint that South Africa filed accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza before the International Court of Justice. The senator noted that the African country "maybe ought to sit this one out!" before talking about genocide, in reference to the persecution of white farmers in this country.