Eric Adams declares state of emergency due to arrival of immigrants in New York City

The New York mayor is asking for state and federal aid and estimates the cost of the influx of illegals at $1 billion.

Eric Adams declared a state of emergency in New York to respond to the immigration crisis in the city. The mayor of New York assured that the arrival of immigrants will cost $1 billion this fiscal year.

According to Adams, more than 17,000 asylum seekers, mostly South Americans, have arrived by the busloads from the southern border to New York since last April. The mayor assured that his shelter system is practically full and asked for urgent help from federal and state governments.

We now have a situation where more people are arriving in New York City than we can immediately accommodate, including families with infants and young children (...) When the asylum seekers coming on today's buses receive shelter, we will surpass the largest number of people in our city's shelter system since records have been kept.

The state of emergency declaration will be in effect for 30 days, but may be extended, and will direct all relevant New York agencies to coordinate efforts in order to respond to the immigration crisis and build the city's Humanitarian Emergency Relief and Response Centers.

Eric Adams noted that New York City has more than 61,000 people in its shelter system, including thousands who are homeless and thousands of asylum seekers who have been bused in over the past few months from other parts of the country. Authorities in border states such as Texas decided a few months ago to send immigrants to so-called sanctuary cities, such as New York, to ease the immigration burden and protest against the Biden Administration's lack of action on this crisis.