Eight out of ten Black voters say violent crime is a key issue in defining their vote

"The GOP is running as the tough-on-crime choice"... "Republicans could be in for record levels of support from black voters," Breitbart News notes.

With only days to go before the midterm elections, the increase in crime and crime itself are among the key issues that could define voting results. A Pew Research survey found that Black voters are significantly more concerned (81%) about the rise in violent crime than other racial and ethnic groups: Hispanics (65%) and Whites (56%).

Eighty-two percent of Black voters who support the Democratic Party say violent crime is a very important issue in defining their vote next week, while only 33% of White Democratic voters feel the same way.

Pew Research Center surveyed 5098 U.S. adults from October 10-16, 2022.

Violent crime is a "very important” issue

61% of voters believe that violent crime is a "very important" issue when deciding who to vote for in next week's midterm elections.

Breitbart News notes that:

If the Pew poll numbers are any indication, Republicans, who have emphasized crime in their pitch to voters this midterm cycle could be in for record levels of support from black voters.... While Democrats are trying to pivot away from law enforcement policies like defunding the police or abolishing ICE, the GOP is presenting themselves as the tough-on-crime choice in next week's elections.

Economy, more Blacks support GOP

A USA Today poll found that 21% of Black Americans currently support the GOP. This data is double the 12% of Black voters who backed former President Donald Trump in 2020, which was already a record for a Republican presidential candidate in recent years. According to the media:

The issue of inflation - and the feeling that the White House has not done enough to address it - is helping Republicans score significant inroads among Hispanic and Black voters, both demographic groups that Democrats have long relied on for support.