Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Accuses Greg Abbott of Attacking Black-Governed Cities

The Democratic politician once again assured that the immigrant buses sent by the governor of Texas are an attack.

The Democratic mayor of the city of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, made accusations of racist motives against the management of the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. This Monday, during an interview with MSNBC, Johnson assured that Abbott is deliberately attacking cities governed by black politicians.

According to Johnson, Abbott carries out this plan by sending dozens of buses that transport immigrants from Texas to cities that call themselves sanctuaries for migrants. "He is attacking democratically governed cities and, in particular, cities led by black or brown leaders. This is unconscionable. I mean, it's a very sloppy approach. And, frankly, he is not only reckless and ruthless, but malicious," Brandon Johnson said on air.

The state of Texas, due to its border location, bears most of the migratory load that comes from the southern border. Meanwhile, a good number of Democratic cities further from the border declared themselves open to immigrants.

According to the illegals who arrived in cities like Chicago or New York, the governers soon raised their complaints against Abbott for this measure. New York Mayor Eric Adams sued 17 bus companies for carrying out Abbott's plan. For the Texas governor, buses are necessary to alleviate the migratory burden that Texas faces, where thousands of immigrants double the number of city inhabitants in a matter of days. It also serves, according to Abbott, to make Democrats aware of the serious problem that exists on the southern border.

Analyst and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John R. Lott, turned Johnson's comments on its head in a post on X (formerly Twitter) and wondered if the Biden Administration's border management should also be considered an attack on Texas. "If Abbott busing some illegal aliens to Chicago and NYC is 'attacking' those cities, what do you call the much larger massive flood of illegals Biden is dumping into Texas?"