Biden raised the most of any candidate in the last quarter of 2023

The president gathered $33 million, well ahead of Donald Trump ($19 million) and Nikki Haley ($17 million).

Joe Biden raised the most money of any candidate during the last quarter of 2023. According to information published by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC), the president received $33 million, compared to $19 million by his presumed rival in November, Donald Trump, and $17 million from longshot Republican candidate Nikki Haley.

The report also indicates that Trump's legal costs are taking up a large part of his campaign funding and that the former president has $33 million available at the moment, compared to $46 million for the current tenant of the White House. Haley is far behind both, with $14.6 million at her disposal.

Trump spent more than he earned last quarter

The FEC also noted that the Trump campaign spent more than it took in between October and December of last year ($23 million spent compared to $19 million raised). Haley spent $14.3 million of the $17 million she received, while Biden spent just over $19 of his $33 million.

On the Republican side, the other candidate still in the running, Pastor Ryan Binkley, invested practically everything raised ($3,153,285.87) in the final quarter of the 2023. On the Democratic side, Marianne Williamson spent $1.2 million of the $1.3 million she received. Democratic Party candidate Dean Phillips paid out $4.6 million of the $5 million his team raised.

Independent candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. raised more than any of the candidates from his former party except Biden, bringing in $7 million in the final quarter of last year. His expenses, however, exceeded his gains, with his campaign spending $7.7 million.