Bank investigator expressed “serious” concerns about Biden family's business in China

According to Representative James Comer, one of these transactions, described as “erratic” and “unusual,” was a $40,000 check to the then-vice president.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released an email dated 2018 sent by a bank money laundering investigator that expressed “serious concerns” about a dozen transactions from China related to Hunter Biden’s shady dealings.

According to Comer, one of these transactions, described as “erratic” and “unusual” by the researcher, ultimately paid a check for $40,000 to then-former Vice President Joe Biden.

The email directly explains concerns raised by banking investigators about money coming from Hunter Biden’s China business dealings, citing concerns about: 1. Inconsistencies in invoiced amounts; 2. Negative news about the Chinese government’s usual practices to influence the children of American politicians; 3. There is a lack of commercial documentation and clarity in the activity of the company represented by the Biden family.

“We will reevaluate the relationship with the client”

The email from the banking investigator expressed strong concerns.

“We have been monitoring the subject customer due to the PEP designation and observations on the account activity as well as recent negative news indicate this entity to be high risk,” the email begins.

“Since the initial funding of $5,000,000.00 from Northern International Capital Holdings (HK) Limited on 08/08/17 as a business loan, it was noted that there was no loan agreement document submitted. The funds in the account have primarily funded 16 wires ranging from $157,494.19 to $400,000.00 totaling $2,915,375.25 to CLEARING SERVICES LLC (Further credit Owasco PC-Law Firm In D.C),” the email continued.

“These payments were indicated as management fees and reimbursements. We find it unusual that approximately 58% of the funds were transferred to the law firm in a few months and the frequency of payments appear erratic,” he continues. “It was also previously indicated that HUDSON WEST III LLC does not currently have any investment projects at this time, which raises further concerns as millions in fees are being paid but does not appear to have any services rendered by Owasco PC.”

The Oversight Committee reveals an email from a banking investigator concerned about the family’s business... by emmanuel.rondon on Scribd

Likewise, the email also explained that negative news had been published regarding the scandalous private life of Hunter Biden, who at that time was the ultimate beneficiary of Owasco PC.

In addition, the warning email details that there was negative news that “indicate China targeting children of politicians and purchase of political influence through ‘sweetheart deals’.”

“Specifically, Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion dollar deal with the Chinese State to establish a private-equity firm in which they manage the funds over time and make huge fees. The management company’s purpose is to Invest in companies that benefit the Chinese government. Thus, the activity on the account appears unusual with no current business purpose and along with the recent negative news regarding Dr. Patrick Ho Chi Ping’s trial in the email below may require re-evaluation of the relationship with the customer,” states the communication from the banking investigator.

James Comer: “We are not the first to worry about Biden’s business in China”

Rep. Comer is one of the top House Republicans investigating the Biden family’s business dealings in China and potential connections to President Joe Biden. He noted that the bank investigator’s email showed signs of suspicious activity surrounding Hunter’s business activities abroad.

“Long before our investigation into President Biden’s corruption, a bank money laundering investigator raised the exact concerns that we raised publicly about the Biden family business: ‘payments appear erratic,’ ‘does not appear to have any services rendered,’ ‘no current business purpose,’ and ‘China target[s] children of politicians and purchase of political influence through ‘sweetheart deals.’ Those are the words of a bank investigator who was just doing his job. The bank investigator was so concerned about Hunter Biden’s financial transactions with the Chinese company, he wanted to re-evaluate the bank’s relationship with the customer,” said Comer.

Even worse, we know that the sitting President of the United States knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s shady China dealings. Joe Biden showed up to his son’s CEFC meetings and benefited from the money wired from China. The White House and their Corporate Media allies’ efforts to excuse and cover up this blatant corruption is appalling to the American people. House Republicans will continue to unearth the facts and provide the accountability the American people deserve,” he said.