An 'armed intruder' kills Georgia Kennesaw State University student

Less than an hour after the crime, authorities confirmed that they already had the suspect in custody.

A student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia was murdered on Saturday afternoon. As confirmed by the educational institution, the person responsible was an "armed intruder" who is already in the custody of local authorities.

It is estimated that the young woman, whose identity has not yet been revealed, was shot at least once around four in the afternoon. Minutes later, a warning statement was issued to the rest of the students.

The university later issued a statement confirming that the suspect was already in custody and no longer posed a threat to students.

"Kennesaw State officials can confirm that a female student was fatally shot on campus. There is no threat to the campus community. Kennesaw State University Police are working with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and we will provide updated information once it becomes available", they said in the statement.