79% think Trump would have won if FBI had investigated Hunter Biden's computer

Three out of four Americans believe the feds misled voters when they talked about "Putin's plot against Biden."

In a poll conducted by the Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics in New Jersey, 79% of Americans believe Donald Trump would have been re-elected president if Hunter Biden’s laptop investigation had come to light at the time.

In addition, 74% think the FBI misled voters when they claimed that early news about the case was "fake news" and a "Kremlin plot against Biden's candidacy."

In a letter sent Tuesday to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson states:

The American people deserve transparency and expect allegations of government corruption to be fully and immediately investigated.

Delayed investigation

Several FBI agents allege that senior Bureau officials ordered the postponement of the investigation into Hunter Biden's computer. The possible reason for the delay was not to interfere with the 2020 elections, in which Joe Biden was proclaimed the winner.

Johnson, one of the lead investigators in the case, notes in the letter:

These whistleblowers allege that the FBI did not begin to examine the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop until after the 2020 presidential election  potentially a year after the FBI obtained the laptop in December 2019.

The hard drive was obtained from a Delaware repair store, and was found to contain compromising materials to the current president's firstborn. The New York Post reported on his business ties with companies linked to the Communist Party of China, released a video of him using drugs and an email from an executive of a Ukrainian energy company asking how to lobby the White House. As a result of its explosive reporting, Twitter decided to close the New York newspaper's account.

The latest controversies involving the FBI have caused its reputation and credibility to decline among the population, as can be seen, for example, from a Rasmussen Reports survey in which no less than 46% of respondents said they had an unfavorable opinion of the Bureau.