10,000 new photos from Hunter Biden's laptop revealed

The Marco Polo research group announces the publication this Thursday of new compromising images of the president's son.

The Marco Polo group, which bills itself as a nonprofit investigative group to uncover corruption, announced Thursday the release of 10,000 new photographs allegedly taken from the laptop of the president's son, Hunter Biden. The gallery of images is seen on the website BidenLaptopMedia.com, which collects thousands of photographs taken - according to Marco Polo - between the years 2008 and 2019.

Speaking to Fox, Marco Polo founder Garrett Ziegler noted that it took the group several months to compile and review the photos, taken from the laptop of the U.S. president's son.

Among the photos are several images of Hunter with women and using substances.

Image extracted by Marco Polo from Hunter Biden's computer.
(Marco Polo)
Hunter Biden and Zoe Kestan
(Marco Polo)