WBC: USA thrashes Canada 12-1

The national team won thanks to home runs by Mike Trout and Trea Turner. Great Britain surprises and Puerto Rico makes history.

The United States has awoken! They now have their second win in the World Classic after a 12-1 thrashing of Canada in front of 29,621 fans at Chase Field in Phoenix. Home runs by Mike Trout in the first inning and Trea Turner in the second inning handed victory to the team that connected with 10 hits even though no player hit more than two. The U.S. gave up only five hits to Canada. Chicago White Stockings righty, Lance Lynn, played five innings in which he allowed one run on two hits and six strikeouts.

Group C is crazy. Great Britain surprised Colombia (7-5), who were the favorites and won their first victory in the World Classic.

Puerto Rico makes history

Puerto Rico made history! What they accomplished was tremendous, the feat of pitching a perfect game in the Classic against Israel, they took the final victory with 10 runs to 0. The Puerto Ricans became the first team to throw a perfect game in the history of the tournament. Applause for them.

Today matches are being played early and later today we will know the result between Israel and Dominican Republic and Great Britain against Mexico. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Australia will face Cuba, Venezuela and Israel, Mexico against Canada, Puerto Rico will face the Dominican Republic and the United States, who will be arriving highly motivated, will face Colombia.