Vivek Ramaswamy withdraws from Republican primary, endorses Trump

The former Republican president praised the work of the young businessman during his campaign.

Vivek Ramaswamy withdrew his candidacy in the Republican presidential race on Monday. The announcement was made after an underwhelming finish in the Iowa caucus.

Ramaswamy immediately endorsed former President Donald Trump, who earned a resounding victory in Iowa, obtaining 20 of the 40 delegates.

"Tonight I am suspending my campaign and endorsing Donald J. Trump and will do everything I can to make sure he is the next U.S. President. I am enormously proud of this team, this movement, and our country," Ramaswamy wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Furthermore, he maintained that the results in Iowa were overwhelming and pointed out that the country needs a patriot in the White House. "This entire campaign is about speaking the TRUTH. We did not achieve our goal tonight & we need an America-First patriot in the White House. The people spoke loud & clear about who they want," said the businessman.

Meanwhile, former President Trump praised Ramaswamy and highlighted his work during the presidential campaign. He congratulated him for achieving fourth place in the race.

Ramaswamy, at 38 years old, was the youngest candidate in the race. He had a big boost on social media and his captivating campaign presence allowed him to move up in the Republican primaries in an unexpected way.