Two people shot to death inside an Oregon supermarket

There were five massive gun attacks over the weekend leaving at least 11 dead. Several of the assailants were killed.

Two people were killed and at least one other was injured in a shooting inside an Oregon supermarket. In addition, the alleged assailant was found dead next to the rifle by the time officers gained access to the interior of the establishment.

According to Fox News, the events took place after 7:00 p.m. Sunday at a supermarket in Bend, Oregon. Police were alerted to shots fired inside the Safeway supermarket in the Forum Shopping Center. Upon entering the premises, officers found three people dead including the alleged shooter.

Initial investigations show the gunman entering the shopping center with an AR-15 model rifle from a residential area near the site. He entered the supermarket and shot and killed two people.

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz stated that the officers did not respond to the shooting and explained that the investigation into the incident remains active.

Deadly weekend

The Bend shooting was not the only one that occurred this weekend. A man in his 40s killed three people at a Houston (Texas) apartment complex at 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

As reported by the police, the killer ambushed his neighbors by setting fire to several of the units so that the tenants would evacuate the building. He started shooting at them as people were leaving. Officers managed to shoot the alleged killer in an establishment near the scene of the incident.

In Detroit, Michigan , a man reportedly "randomly" shot at several locations in the city, killing three people early Sunday morning, police said. Police arrested the suspect after several hours of pursuit.

On the other hand, two other people were killed and several were injured (including two police officers) in an attack on a street in Phoenix (Arizona). Police management confirmed that officers confronted the attacker and subsequently found his body. The causes of both the attack and the death of the alleged assailant are still being investigated.

In Chicago, Illinois, a man killed one person and seriously injured another in front of a police station Sunday night. According to investigators, the perpetrator repeatedly chased and hit the victim's car until he managed to fire the shots that would end the woman’s life who he was chasing.