Trump's lawyer reveals part of his legal strategy hours before presenting his opening statements

One of the former president's defense members, Will Scharf, made an appearance Sunday on "Fox & Friends Weekend."

One of former President Donald Trump's lawyers, Will Scharf, revealed part of the defense's legal strategy hours before opening statements are presented in the hush money trial held in New York City.

Scharf insisted that the facts are on the defense's side and assured that they are witnessing a "highly irregular" trial in an appearance on "Fox & Friends Weekend" this Sunday.

The former president's lawyer revealed that part of the defense's legal strategy involves questioning the credibility of the Manhattan Prosecutor's Office's key witnesses, headed by prosecutor Alvin Bragg.

"With respect to Michael Cohen, as we've said in court pleadings, this is a man who's been found liable for perjury by a number of courts previously. I think this is going to be a key theme here is the fact that the prosecution's witnesses are simply not credible people, whereas the actual facts here fully support President Trump because he did nothing wrong," Scharf said. He added that Trump's legal team will seek to focus on the facts of the case to demonstrate that the Republican presidential candidate did nothing wrong.

"This is a business records case. Those business records accurately reflected payments to one of President Trump's lawyers as legal retainer fees. Additionally, those records weren't actually entered by President Trump. He was busy running the country from the White House while all this was happening in Trump Tower in New York," the lawyer said.

"We believe the facts are absolutely on our side, that they're absolutely exonerative of the president and, as long as the jury focuses on the facts, as long as the jury can see through all the media coverage and all the sensationalism and focus on the actual facts at issue … we believe we have a winning case," he stated.

Finally, Scharf regretted that, in the middle of the election season, the former president's trial is being held in Manhattan, one of the most Democratic areas in the entire country, and that is why the defense continues to request a change of venue.